The importance of an Asbestos Inspection Adelaide is well known. An asbestos inspection can determine the level of pollution present in a building or premises. Regular inspections of an asbestos-containing building will help keep businesses compliant and safe. But what is a visual inspection? Is it enough? Is it necessary to test for asbestos? And how does it differ from a testing service? Let’s find out.

Visual Only

Asbestos Inspection AdelaideAsbestos was widely used in the past in Australia. The practise was phased out in the late eighties and early nineties. It was finally banned in December 2003. Asbestos can cause deadly illnesses like mesothelioma and asbestosis. Asbestos inspection Adelaide is essential to ensure that a property is safe. A visual inspection is also required to determine the clearance level, usually done with air quality monitoring.

During an asbestos inspection in Adelaide, certified professionals visually assessed the areas. In other words, the inspectors looked for evidence of asbestos contamination in the identified areas. However, the results were unsatisfactory due to missing samples or inaccurate readings. The report indicates that the renovations were unnecessary. However, the inspections revealed that a few areas still had lead-based paint and asbestos contamination. Therefore, the company recommends that the renovation work be performed only after a visual inspection is complete.

Visual + Samples

Asbestos was a common building material used throughout the 20th century until it was banned in 1980. Hence, buildings over 20 years old are more likely to contain the material. Asbestos may be quite visible or hidden under paint or in some other building material. Asbestos testing Adelaide will identify suspected materials through scraping and analysing them in a laboratory. If the findings are inconclusive, further testing may be necessary.

When you have an inspection, you need to know if there is any asbestos in a property. Asbestos can be difficult to detect visually, so it is best to get it done by a professional. Visual Asbestos inspection Adelaide is vital for home buyers, who can make informed decisions. A thorough Visual Asbestos Inspection Adelaide will also make them understand the added costs and hazards of asbestos removal.


Asbestos is a potentially dangerous material that is highly toxic when disturbed. Asbestos is relatively safe when kept in its original form, but it becomes dangerous once it is damaged or moved. In addition to being dangerous when moved, asbestos can become airborne, resulting in dangerous dust and fibres. Asbestos was once considered cheap and fire-resistant, but it is seen as a serious health risk these days.

If you’re worried about the presence of asbestos on your property, you should consider contacting an Adelaide-based testing service. Jim’s asbestos is an Adelaide-based company that provides asbestos testing services. You can request a free quote by filling out an online form. Make sure to indicate whether you have access to the property and if there’s power or water available. Ensure that the company you choose is NATA-certified and thoroughly understands the laws governing asbestos testing.


Asbestos was a very common material in the mid-19th century, and even today, many buildings in Australia contain some level of this substance. It was used in various products, including furniture, eaves lining, ceiling tiles, and insulation. Often, it can be found in fences, piping, and flooring, among other places. Removal of asbestos requires special skills and knowledge. Here are some tips to help you find a safe, experienced asbestos removal company in Adelaide.

Hire an experienced removal company to remove asbestos from your home or office. You should hire a removal company with extensive experience dealing with asbestos, as they follow strict government regulations. Adelaide’s asbestos removal quote will be between $40 and $60 per square metre. Hiring a removalist with extensive experience in this area is highly recommended, as this will ensure that you get excellent value for your money. However, you can also hire a company that offers cheap quotes on asbestos removal.


The most important safety procedure when removing asbestos from a building is containment. Containment means using a negative pressure chamber or sealing the room. During the asbestos removal process, proper personal protective equipment is also required. Asbestos is an extremely dangerous substance, and exposure to it could lead to serious health risks. A professional should be experienced and certified in asbestos removal. If you’re worried that you might have a problem, get a professional asbestos inspection.

Asbestos is a mineral fibre that can be dangerous when disturbed or damaged. The fibres released by asbestos can cause lung disease or cancer. Never put asbestos in the trash – it is very dangerous! Fortunately, the Asbestos Inspection Adelaide process is simple and painless. To conduct the inspection, inspect the building thoroughly for signs of damage or wear. If you suspect there is asbestos, look for any areas that are cracked, chipped, or damaged. This material may be contaminated if you notice a crack or any other visible signs of damage. Alternatively, it could be disturbed by excessive vibration or airflow.