If you’re in the market for a wrecker in SA, you’ve come to the right place. The results of your search for Wreckers SA include 41 businesses. Click here to expand your search area to include wreckers in South Australia. In addition, you can also refine your search by location. This article covers three auto wreckers in the region: Christie’s Beach Auto Wrecker, Athol Park Auto Wrecker, and Woodville Automobile Wrecker.

City Dismantlers

wreckers SACity Dismantlers SA is one of Adelaide’s leading auto parts recyclers. They sell replacement parts for all kinds of cars and rebuild engines and transmissions. The company has been in operation for over 40 years and is considered one of the best auto parts recyclers in the city. You can purchase replacement parts for any make and model from Capital Auto Recyclers. Since 2013, they have been buying scrap cars from residents in the ACT. The parts they have in stock include brake pads, suspension components, and more.

Christie’s Beach Auto Wrecker

Regarding car wrecking, Christie’s Beach Auto Wrecker SA is a major player in the Adelaide area. This company specialises in the destruction of modern and vintage vehicles. Their wrecking yard has over 50 different auto wrecking yards, which means they can find whatever part you need for your car. So if you have a car that needs to be recycled, contact Christie’s 

Beach Auto Wrecker SA today for a free quote.

They also specialise in parts for Korean vehicles. Their extensive catalogue of parts allows them to be incredibly affordable. This company offers free delivery within the SA metro area and is happy to install any part purchased. You can even drop off your vehicle at Christie’s Beach Auto Wrecker SA, and they will come to pick it up and pay for delivery. They can also do the work for you if you have a problem.

Athol Park Auto Wrecker

If you are looking for the best auto parts store in Adelaide, look no further than Athol Park Auto Wrecker SA. They specialise in late model Fords and can even source parts for hard-to-find vehicles. They are the leading supplier of Toyota and Ford spare parts in Australia and are the preferred wreckers of these makes. Their friendly, helpful staff are happy to help you find the perfect part for your vehicle.

If you have a car that needs a new tyre, you can take it to a wreckers SA in Athol Park for a great price. Some wreckers will even offer to tow your car if you don’t have the time to look for a replacement. In addition, you can often find car parts for much less than the cost of original parts from the manufacturer, so it’s important to know how to shop for the best deal.

Woodville Auto Wrecker

Woodville Auto Wreckers is an auto wrecker in South Australia. The business was founded in 1994. They specialise in selling quality recycled car parts in the Adelaide area. Contact them today to get your car recycled. They are open Monday through Friday. They accept all types of vehicles, including foreign vehicles and older cars. You can call them at (08) 8322 7679 or visit their website. This company offers free pickup and delivery of car parts.

SA Removals

You can find a wrecking yard in your local area through various methods. The most common is to sell your car to a private party. You can sell your car for cash if it’s not in great condition or has a lot of damage. A wrecking yard specialising in junk cars or secondhand vehicle parts will pay you cash. There are many such companies in Adelaide, so it’s worth contacting a few to see which one is the best fit for you.

Whether you need to sell a car quickly or you’d like to make a few bucks, SA Wreckers is the way to go. These car wreckers pay top cash for all makes and models and will even pick up your car for free if it’s a total wreck. In addition, they are the leading used car parts supplier in Adelaide and will safely process your disposal legally and soundly.

How to Get Cash For Cars From SA Wreckers

If you are looking for cash for cars in Adelaide, you’ve probably heard of wreckers SA. They specialise in buying and selling cars and provide cash for cars in Adelaide. While they don’t always offer cash for cars, you can use their service to promptly get rid of your old vehicle. These wreckers offer cash for cars in Adelaide, and many of their services include free delivery and installation of used parts.